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July 09, 2012

BACC-SE Participation in the Rio+20

Source: by Fabiana Di Pietro Xavier, BACC-SE Executive Director

I had the privilege to participate in the Rio+20 Earth Summit, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, on behalf of the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of the Southeast (BACC-SE) last June, in Brazil. It was arguably an incredible opportunity to not only represent BACC-SE in a global event in my home country, but also to proudly voice its mission during the event.

The Conference had a series of official and non-officials parallel activities throughout the city of Rio de Janeiro focused on different themes and target audiences. Attending as many business related events and meetings as possible, I had the chance to be among a series of business leaders, government officials and other NGOs representatives, but above all, among inspiring thinkers committed to the cause.

Before I share a recap of some of the meetings with you, I would like to highlight that the Chamber recognizes its importance in this context and how it can play a key role in helping its members promote sustainable development in business between Brazil and the Southeastern United States.

The first recap I would like to share is the official output document from the Business Action for Development (BASD) Business Day 2012, official UN Major Group Business and Industries: basd2012.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/BASD-Business-Day_19-June-2012_Rio-de-Janeiro_Output-Document.pdf

Another important recap of Rio+20, was prepared by UN Foundation, and gives you a short summary of some of the challenges and accomplishments from the event: http://news.yahoo.com/un-secretary-general-announces-significant-commitments-action-support-180805524.html

Finally, I would like to make available for download the Green Economy Roadmap, a guide to help business, policy makers and civil society achieve a transition towards a green economy developed by the International Chamber of Commerce.

In May, just a month prior to the Conference, the BACC-SE in conjunction with the Consulate of Brazil in Atlanta, organized a pre-event on Rio+20 to bring awareness to members and guests about the business opportunities that were going to take place during the event in Brazil.

BACC-SE is a non-profit, membership organization, which fosters trade and investment between Brazil and the Southeastern United States, serving as a key vehicle of information, connection and support. If you are interested in doing business in Brazil or in the Southeast of the US, contact us for more information at info@bacc-ga.com.




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