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April 04, 2012

Brazil: A Good Alternative for Intellectual Property Outsourcing

SOURCE: This article is courtesy of BACC-SE members OpenPath Solutions and Wasserman West, LLC
Today’s OpenPath Solution guest blog post comes from two amazing international lawyers who I
am proud to know and partner with. There is no doubt that when doing
business in Brazil, one needs to understand the legal implications of such
a move. In this post, Robert and Guillermo will talk about intellectual
property protections. Enjoy it! You are in good hands.
Before we get down to business, here’s a little bit about Robert and
Guillermo’s law firm as well as a short bio for each one of them:
The Firm
Wasserman West, LLC is a business law firm focused on providing practical
advice and comprehensive solutions to their U.S. and foreign-based clients
with respect to international business transactions and accessing foreign
Robert A. West
Mr. West, fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and French, has more than 20 years
of international practice experience, representing domestic and
international companies and individuals in complex cross-border
transactions in Latin America and elsewhere.
Guillermo N. Wasserman
Mr. Wasserman is a seasoned international lawyer, fluent in English,
Spanish and Portuguese, trained in both civil and common law legal
systems, with significant experience in international business
transactions, particularly with respect to Latin American markets.
Brazilian Intellectual Property Protection Is in Line with Many Developed
Brazil has become an appealing outsourcing jurisdiction in terms of
technological standards, competitive pricing, and –most importantly-
enforceability of intellectual property rights.  Brazil’s intellectual
property legislation is in line with most developed countries, and its
enforcement is increasing and recognized as essential to Brazil’s economic
development.  As a signatory of several fundamental intellectual property
international treaties, with laws in place that meet international
intellectual property standards, and with substantial enforcement of
intellectual property rights, Brazil provides greater protection of
industrial and intellectual property than most developing countries and
emerging economies.  As a result of the enforcement of this legislation, a
foreign contracting company can intervene, protect, and enforce its
intellectual property rights related to software developed in Brazil with
reasonable commercial certainty.
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