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May 14, 2013

Brazilian Automotive Engine Manufacturer Selects Lincoln County, N.C.

Last tuesday Borghetti Turbos, a Brazilian automotive engine manufacturer, selected Lincoln County, N.C. as the site for its new facility in North America. Below is the press release published by Borghetti Turbos North America, Inc.


New Jobs: 127 • Investment: $3.7M •
Key Factors: Quality of Life; One North Carolina Fund
MAY 7 - Borghetti Turbos North America, Inc.,  a manufacturer of turbochargers, gas turbines, compressors and other related automotive parts, will open a new facility in Lincoln County.

“The State of North Carolina understood that other states and regions were offering comparable incentive packages. Therefore, in the end, the intangibles related to the Charlotte region as a whole and Lincoln County gave North Carolina the advantage,” said Eduardo Borghetti, President of Borghetti Turbos North America. “Quality of life attractions including professional sports, a similar year-round climate as Brazil, cultural arts and proximity to the beach and the mountains were among some of the key reasons that led to our final selection.”

Borghetti Turbos is a privately owned company with its international headquarters in Sao Marcos, Brazil.  The company plans to open its first North American manufacturing facility in Lincoln County to manufacture turbochargers for its customer base in the U.S., South Africa and Eastern Europe.   The company’s products are marketed under the Master Power brand and used in commercial trucks, high-performance automobiles, as well as marine and industrial applications.




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