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May 07, 2012

Firms going nuts for Brazil's build boom

Source: this is Scunthorpe

Humber businesses are bidding to capitalize on Brazil's lucrative shipbuilding boom.

The thriving South American country, which is the second fastest growing economy in the world, is pouring billions of dollars into shipbuilding projects.

However Brazil's intention to build 500 ships in the next five years is being threatened by a shortfall in the country's shipbuilding supply chain.

Now, a delegation of business from Hull and the Humber are preparing to plug the gap in the supply chain by exporting their skills and expertise to the country.

They will be heading to the city of Recife in June to meet with leading businesses and government officials.

Humber Electrical Engineering Company in Portland Place, Hull, is one of the companies heading out on the trade visit.

Paul Richardson, of Humber Electrical, said: "Our company is looking at broadening its horizons and we see Brazil as somewhere we could do design work in particular.

"We do manufacture in our Hull factory but it is very difficult to ship things over there, whereas Brazil has the space – it just doesn't have the relevant skills or expertise.

"We have been building consoles for a ship company in Brazil, so already have some experience of working with the country. By going there, we will be able to show them exactly what we can do."

The UK Government's current claims that rebalancing the economy towards manufacturing and exports as key to growing our economy fails to recognise that services and skills remain one of the UK's biggest exports.

With Brazil needing everything from fabrication and electrical engineering to training, many Humber companies are perfectly placed to fill the gap.

"That is exactly what we are planning to do," said Mr Richarsdon.

"We see exports as a big opportunity for us and, as we already have live examples of our work there, we believe it will go well."

To read the full article, please click at the following link: http://www.thisisscunthorpe.co.uk/Firms-going-nuts-Brazil-s-build-boom/story-15977718-detail/story.html





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