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November 22, 2012

Major Sport Events: Radio over Fiber

By Soraya Hasbani
Volunteer Marketing Coordinator at BACC-SE

Business Developer specialized in Brazil market

With the World Cup and Olympic Games preparations underway, the Brazilian Government is taking on the challenge of telecommunications infrastructure and electromagnetic interference and making it a key priority. Current Networks may crumble, and TV and radio stations might fail to globally transmit their signals under the weight of demand by these mega events in 2014 and 2016. By implementing 4G technologies, a Government and business partnership can ensure that telecommunication and information technology will deliver a robust and dependable infrastructure, and prepare Brazil to successfully host these mega events.

Host cities of World Cup games will be among the first to get 4G technology. However, high cost, operational infrastructure and electromagnetic interference are among the challenges facing the deployment of 4G in Brazil.

To meet the ever increasing demand for bandwidth, a wireless networks based on Radio over Fiber have been proposed as a promising cost-effective solution. The Government may require that several operators share IT infrastructure, given the cost decrease, optimization of data transfer and increase in reach of radio over fiber. Unlike conventional optical networks, this Multiservice platform allows to use the same infrastructure by different carriers, decreasing the number of towers, reducing the social and environmental impacts, facilitating the implementation of the 'digital cities' concept and dampening the infrastructure and operational costs.

This innovative approach would facilitate the arrival of broadband, cable TV and phone service to very small towns, at much lower costs, for business and consumer. With the benefit of shared infrastructure, this also represents a valuable contribution to universal access and a social breakthrough to the many rural and distant corners of Brazil.

Bibliography: Arismar Sodré, Unicamp; Radio over Fiber based Network Architecture, Hong B. Kim.

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