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March 22, 2012

New BACC-SE Program

We are happy to introduce the newest service of the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of the Southeast, Inc. The Global Internship Program. This program will allow your company to recruit interns from an international talent pool of students from Brazil and other 109 countries around the globe for your offices in the United States. This service is a result of a recent partnership between the BACC-SE and the local committee of AIESEC at The University of Georgia.

The program is part of an initiative called Hello World Project, which aims to create, 15 international internships, 3 of them for Brazilian students among the members of our Chamber. We are proud and very excited about the initiative as it will open many opportunities to foster the business and cultural relationships between the United States, Brazil and the rest of the world.

Contact Fabiana Di Pietro Xavier for more information.




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