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July 30, 2016

Reimagine Rio Film Festival presents a new vision of the city in August

An alternative August event in rio, the festival presents the inspiring stories of individuals and communities changed by innovative local leaders in Rio de Janeiro.  Experience five stories and five films in one city where small gestures lead to great changes.  The five documentaries are directed by Lili Fialho & Kátia Lund, and funded by the Atlanta-based Rise Up & Care

Djeferon weighs 264 pounds, but always dreamed of shining high on the trapeze. At the Crescer e Viver Circus he was given the chance to become a star. Ygor Coelho will play badminton for Brazil in the Olympic Games. He learned that samba, racquets and birdies have a lot in common after his father, Sebastião, imagined the possibility of transforming a community with badminton. Mariana Campos left Padre Miguel to chase her dream of being a filmmaker. She directed the short film “Amanhecer” with Fernando Meirelles and the award-winning feature film “Hotel da Loucura”. Her most recent work is as a character in a film by and about Cinema Nosso, a group in Lapa that for 15 years has been training young adults from the periphery to produce films and TV shows with their own identity.  These and other incredible stories are featured in five feature films directed by Lili Fialho and Kátia Lund (co-director of News of a Private War and City of God) for the Reimagine Rio Film Festival.
The films will screen beginning August 11th at Estação Net Rio in Botafogo and other cinemas in Santa Teresa and the Zona Sul. Premières will take place in each of the communities that are featured in the documentaries.  The Reimagine Rio Festival also presents more than 300 free screenings in 50 alternative points throughout the city of Rio and the Baixada Fluminense.  The complete schedule will be available soon at www.reimaginerio.com.br and http://www.riseup.care.
The documentaries showcase the powerful stories of the leaders and participants of the Crescer e Viver Circus at Praça Onze; of Jongo da Serrinha at Madureira; of Guti Fraga and Nós do Morro at Vidigal; of Cinema Nosso, with headquarters at Lapa; and of the badminton project Miratus, from the Chacrinha community of Praça Seca. The five feature films were produced by Jabuti Filmes, Cinema Nosso and Rise Up & Care.
- We are personally motivated and inspired by the innovation and success of the local leaders in marginalized communities of Rio de Janeiro. When we spent a day dancing samba and playing badminton with Sebastião and the kids at Miratus Badminton Association, we were deeply touched and our cynicism melted. This is real innovation! This is real inspiration! We were so happy! How can we share this powerful experience with others? – asked Kirk Bowman, a founder with Jon Wilcox of Rise Up & Care. At first, we brought as many people as we could to participate in this experience in person, but we wanted the entire world to experience the miracle of Miratus and Sebastião and the other compelling stories we experienced. The answer: with movies! Movies travel, inspire and reflect poetically the reality on the ground. Films are the best vehicle to feel and understand what Sebastião is doing, sense his creativity, his innovation, his joy and his love. We were so fortunate to encounter Kátia, Lili, Luis, Gripa and their team of incredible filmmakers. We challenged them to make five powerful films in Rio in a single year to reimagine the city from the ground up!  Our hope is to mobilize people during the Olympic Games so they discover a new way of imagining Rio by experiencing this beautiful reality in theaters or public exhibitions. This film series rejects the negative images in the news and common stereotypes about these vital yet often maligned communities. It reimagines Rio from below, from the roots and the soul: the magnificent, creative and generous Rio.
Reimagine Rio Film Festival - Beginning August 11, 2016
Festival Activities at Estação Net Botafogo – Rua Voluntários da Pátria, 88
Reimagine Rio Festival 5 film teaser - https://youtu.be/0O7tTTSEpPE
Premieres - Each of the five films will also be premiered where the film was made:
“Bad & the Birdieman” – Badminton – Trailer: https://youtu.be/rs-Mny1TUcY
When: 07/30/2016, 5PM
Where: Estrada Comandante Luiz Souto, 452 – Jacarepaguá – Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Synopsis: Sebastião’s two-decade quest is to use badminton, a sport he never played, to transform the kids in a humble favela in Rio de Janeiro.  Kids loved the sport from the beginning, but were crushed in tournaments.  Using love, sweat and the innovative training technique of samba dancing to teach badminton, Sebastião imagined and created a community of champions, family and dreams.  The competitive yet tender relationships of young players and the qualifying of players for the 2016 Olympic Games reveal that even the most unlikely of dreams can become reality. 
“Guti & the Theater of Dreams” – Campinho Show - Trailer: https://youtu.be/rTRrr-h_U1Y
When: 08/10/2016, 6PM
Where: Vidigal Olympic Village / Campinho do Vidigal, no number – Vidigal – Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Synopsis: Guti Fraga has dedicated 30 years to infuse arts, culture and professional theater training in the Rio favela of Vidigal.  In a constant process of reinvention and innovation, Guti creates magic, purpose and joy for waves of young people. A surprise reunion performance that combines generations of his students provides an emotional and unforgettable homage to a crazy dreamer.
“Gira & the Circus of Life” – Crescer e Viver – Trailer: https://youtu.be/5hY4fZHgsYs
When: 08/11/2016, 8PM
Where: Rua Carmo Neto, 143 – Cidade Nova (by the side of Praça Onze Metro station) – Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Synopsis: The Crescer e Viver Circus was born from the union of two childhood friends, Junior and Vinicius. They invaded territory and set up a social circus for all in the center of the city at Praça Onze, the birthplace of samba and carnival. The school teaches that the risk of the circus is the risk of life, and students explore their limits and passions in the acrobatics and performance.  The climax is Gira’s performance, a display of graceful movement and exposing one’s spirit to others.
“Movie Motion Magic” – Cinema Nosso – Trailer: https://youtu.be/ufZ_RNHZRpo
When: 08/12/2016, 7PM
Where: Rua do Rezende, 80 – Lapa – Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Synopsis: Five filmmakers and one movie, inside another movie. How would one make films while being filmed? Which cinema would Uerlem, from the Santa Maria community, love and want to show to the world?  Diogo lives in Queimados, a two-hour train trip to the city center of Rio, but poetry and film move his heart and body. There he finds others that, just like him, come from afar to live a reality in which they see themselves portrayed, recreating the films of daily life.
“Jongo Fever” – Jongo da Serrinha – Trailer: https://youtu.be/yw64uqumxfI
When: 08/13/2016, 6PM
Where: Rua Compositor Silas de Oliveira, 101 – Madureira – Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Synopsis: It is said that Jongo became pregnant in Angola, but was born in Brazil. Taking its first steps in the Paraíba coffee plantations, Jongo flourished and reached new heights at Serrinha of Rio. The rhythm and dance of Jongo was originally practiced only by white-haired people and faced an uncertain future in the face of discrimination and prejudice against Afro-Brazilian cultural practice. This important cultural patrimony was saved and nourished by the innovation, love and courage of the women of Serrinha such as the 95 year-old leader Tia Maria, Pretinho da Serrinha, Suelen, Deli, Luiza, Dyonne and Lazir.
About Rise Up & Care: Rise Up & Care reimagines our world by supporting innovative local leaders who have dedicated their lives to transform youth and their communities. Rise Up & Care documents these stories by producing powerful films to inspire communities and the world and celebrates these communities and leaders at Reimagine Festivals.  Rise Up & Care combines cutting edge research with real world experience to generate action for the betterment of individuals and localities.  The founders are Kirk Bowman, professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and Jon Wilcox, the co-founder and CEO of California Republic Bank. 
This is the first Reimagine Festival.  The next is Reimagine the Americas, in Colombia in 2018.  Reimagine the Americas will feature 5 films by Rise Up & Care and 20 films from directors throughout the hemisphere.
For more information: Paula Trubat: paula.trubat@agenciafebre.com.br 
(21) 2555-8923
Or Kirk Bowman: Kirk@RiseUp.Care (1-404) 465-8070
Follow us on Twitter @agfebre and on facebook.com/agfebre




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