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January 08, 2012

US welcomes 650 Brazilian students

Source: Iewy News

The United States welcomes 650 Brazilian students who arrive this week to study in over 100 U.S. universities in 42 states across the country. These students are the first wave of academics participating in Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s “Science Without Borders” program to come to American classrooms and we look forward to receiving many more in the future.

Last year, Presidents Obama and Rousseff set complementary goals for international education. President Obama announced the “100,000 Strong for the Americas” initiative to increase international study with a target of 100,000 students from Latin America and the Caribbean studying United States, and a reciprocal 100,000 students from the United States studying in the Latin American and the Caribbean region.

Additionally, President Rousseff’s “Science Without Borders” scholarship program will support as many as 101,000 outstanding Brazilian students for international study in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the next four years; up to half of them will study in the United States. Our partnership with Brazil continues to grow and this investment through educational exchanges will continue to benefit our societies for generations to come.




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